Que Dios lleve a feliz termino este ejercicio Sacerdotal, el cual es la plenitud del mismo Sacerdocio.

Abrazos a Su Excelencia Richard Brice y a Su Ilustrisima Patrick Yves Bassama

Muchas felicidades en su Consagración Episcopal, y en hora buena por su gran labor colaborando a la extensión del Reino de Dios. Qué el Espíritu Santo le siga asistiendo siempre en su entrega a la diócesis.
Un saludo muy afectuoso y agradecido desde COLOMBIA.

Diócesis de Duola

Excmo. y Revdmo Señor Richard Brice

The temple is where Monsignor Jean Armand, Bishop, celebrates the Sacraments. Beautiful work, we wish you all the best in your apostolic work. Blessings.

(Excmo. y Revdmo Señor Richard Brice, Primado de la Iglesia Catolica Apostolica Nacional de Camerún)


The National Apostolic Catholic Church was born in Cameroon, April 16, 1996, after the coronation of Archbishop Richard Brice MBOUM, which was chaired by Archbishop Michel PUGIN, then delegated by the Communion of National Apostolic Catholic Churches, whose headquarters are in Colombia.

Consequently, ECAN’s mission included two dioceses and two bishops: Mgr Serge Donatien ABENG MBARGA from ICAB, and Mgr Richard Brice MBOUM, the very first bishop of the communion of National Apostolic Catholic Churches.

The Diocese of the West Coast was established by ECAN and entrusted to the jurisdiction of Archbishop Richard Brice MBOUM with its headquarters in Douala. To this day, he ensures the mission of Cameroon on behalf of the communion of National Apostolic Catholic Churches.

Today, with all the confusion that Archbishop Serge brings in our mission, I remain the only bishop of the ECAN in Cameroon, whose mission is for apostolic workers:

  1. Mgr Richard Brice MBOUM
  2. Father René David ONANA (rector Ste Faustine seminar)
  3. Father Siméon Marie BILOG (prefect of discipline)
  4. Father Jacques Désiré NGOUABE KOLOKO (treasurer)
  5. Father Louis Robert NOAH, Curé of Ntui
  6. Father Mathieu NGAH, Curé of Akono linga
  7. Father Wilfried MOUTSAKENDA, Curé of Our Lady of Divine Mercy Congo Brazzaville

So we have two deacons:

1- Father Henri EBENGA, attached to the Bishopric

2- Father Paul NAFFACK, Administrator at Mbanga

A sidekick: Brother BOOG Achille

Four seminarians:

1- Brother Noël DANWE

2- Brother Gérard TCHINGANKONG

3- Brother Luc NGAMEGNI

4- Brother Frarek Happy FANKAM

Given the mission of the Congo and the extension of our mission, we have created the Fraternity of Missionaries of Divine Mercy. Who has a priestly branch and a religious branch. The religious branch is male and female.

The brothers and sisters lead a pious life totally consecrated to Christ; to date we have:

One brother: Brother Albert Le Grand of the Holy Cross.

And three aspiring nuns:

1- Solange MFOUMOU

2- Rosalie ATANGANA

3- Micheline MBALLA

We have to our credit the creation of six parishes:

1- St Padre PIO Douala

2- Ste Rita MBARGA

3- Saints Archangels of Loum station building site

4- Center Eucharistique Ste Faustine de Loum city

As well as the major seminary for the formation of future priests. The teachers of the seminar are:

1- Bishop Richard Brice MBOUM

2- Mgr Bellarmin TUIDJI

3- Father David René ONANA

4- Father Siméon BILOG

We provide in turn:

Holy Scripture, Pneumatology, Mariology, Liturgy, Theology, Pastoral, Church Fathers, …

We are surrounded by a council of the laity whose office is as follows:

– President: Rosalie ATANGANA

– Secretary: Micheline MBALLA

– Treasurer: Bernadette NDZANA

– Project manager: Simon AKONGAYA

– Communication officer: MESSAPE

– Health coordinator: Apollinaire NAFFACK

– Legal officer: Me IGWEYI Alphonse

So we intend to make the gospel concrete through our social work:

1- Creation and construction of parishes

2- Schools

3- Plantations and breeding

4- Creation of a health center

The parish activities are as follows:

– Monday: Rest

– Tuesday: Visit to Cenacle

– Wednesday: Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament

– Thursday: Rosary


– Friday: Mass

– Saturday: Preparation for Sunday mass

– Sunday: Mass at 10 a.m.

On the pastoral plan, the parishes are subdivided into cenacles which are nearby churches. And therefore the program is established for Tuesday meetings: on the program:

1- Please

2- Reading of the Sunday Gospel

3- News from families

4- Parish news

5- Contribution

Thus, every 3rd weekend of the month, the seminarians meet at the community house for training which lasts the entire weekend.

The diaconia of the sick is ensured by a prayer vigil every last Friday of the month. It goes from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

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